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Popatherm - Yannis Popa - Heating - Burners - Natural Gas - Water Supply - Sewerage - Neapoli Thessaloniki


The company "Popatherm", based in the beautiful Neapolis of Thessaloniki, is a leading service provider in the field of fire extinguishing systems. Under the experience and dedication of its founder, Yannis Popa, the company deals with the study, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems, offering high quality services to customers from various sectors.

Giannis Popas stands out for his experience and expertise in the field of firefighting. With many years of experience and dedication to safety, it ensures that "Popatherm" offers the most reliable fire extinguishing systems that meet the needs and specifications of each customer.

The company has a specialized team of technicians and engineers with extensive knowledge in fire extinguishing systems. Based on the needs and specific requirements of each project, it provides customized solutions that ensure the safety and protection of the building space.

In addition to installation, "Popatherm" undertakes the maintenance and control of fire extinguishing systems, helping to keep them in excellent working order. Its commitment to quality and safety makes "Popatherm" the ideal choice for protecting any building from fires and other hazards.

"Popatherm" represents reliability and safety in the field of fire extinguishing systems and is the ideal choice for any customer looking for high quality protection and safety services.