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Popatherm - Yannis Popa - Heating - Natural Gas - Water Supply - Drainage - Fire Fighting - Neapoli Thessaloniki


The company "Popatherm", based in the airy and green Neapolis of Thessaloniki, is a pioneer service provider in the field of burners. Under the leadership of Yannis Popa, the company is dedicated to the study, installation and maintenance of burners, offering excellent solutions to its customers.

Giannis Popas is known for his experience and know-how in the field of burners. With many years of experience and dedication in the field, he has built a business that is the benchmark for the selection, design and installation of high performance burners.

"Popatherm" has a specialized team of technicians and engineers with extensive knowledge in burners and heating systems. Based on the needs and specifications of each customer, it proposes and installs advanced solutions that ensure efficient heating and energy savings.

In addition, "Popatherm" does not only provide installation services, but is there to maintain and deal with any problems that may occur with the burners. Its commitment to the quality and security of its systems, as well as continuous professional development, make it a trusted choice for every customer.

The company "Popatherm" represents dedication to quality, efficiency and technological innovation in the field of burners. It is the choice that ensures warmth and reliability in your heating system, with the diligence and experience you need.